More than fourty years
of experience
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Artiplastic was founded in 1973 as a business in the field of the transformation and processing of plastic materials on behalf of third parties, chiefly in the industrial sector.
In the pursuit of its line of business, the company directly manufactures and markets extruded and co-extruded
profiles for several types of commodities sectors.

Serving the customer

Artiplastic production relies on a broad range of state-of-the-art single and dual screw extrusion lines, in order to offer its customers the very best in terms of efficiency and quality to price ratio.
Artiplastic also offers its customers a support and consulting service, engaging in the design and concept of customized profiles.

Dynamic and flexible

Located nearby Milan, a strategic point for the distribution of its products in Italy and Europe, Artiplastic develops on an indoor surface area of 4,500 square meters and is organized so as to ensure its customers quality, efficiency, professionalism and competitive edge on the market.

Innovative solutions for plant engineering

Thanks to the experience acquired in the field, in 1997 Artiplastic developed its own line of ducts and accessories, CANALSPLIT®, reserved for the sector of plant engineering for air conditioning. An elegant and practical system of ductlines, CANALSPLIT® allows customers to effortlessly and quickly install all their air-conditioning plants.

24h manufacturing cycle

Artiplastic directly manages the entire manufacturing process of the CANALSPLIT® range, with a non-stop 24h manufacturing cycle, so as to ensure continuous replenishment of stock to satisfy the sudden and urgent needs of our customers.

A system that spell quality

The CANALSPLIT® conduits and accessories are manufactured in stiff PVC type V0, self-extinguishing and resistant to UV rays, to ensure the highest endurance over time and in any installation conditions. The PVC used is of the fi nest type and manufactured exclusively in Italy, in accordance with the Rohs2 and Reach standards.

Customized products

Artiplastic can satisfy the several requirements of markets and customers, offering full customization of its production.