Complete and flexible product lines
able to satisfy every installation requirement

Canalsplit® ducts

Canalsplit® ducts

Canalsplit® 06, 07, 08, 09, 12, 14

Canalsplit Midi® ducts


Canalsplit-Midi® 06, 08, 12

Canalsplit® accessories

Brackets – Cover joint – Internal corner – External corner – Plane curve – End cap – Corner wall elbow – Wall passage – Wall junction – Flexible joint – “T” shunt – Reduction

Special accessories

Adjustable internal/esternal angle – Adjustable plane curve – Left/right vertical angle

Flexible Kit

Flexible kit – Extra pipe for flexible kitFlexible cover kit

Service ducts
and accessories

Canal and cover – Cover joint – Plane curve – Internal/external corner – End cap – Connection

Electrical ducts minitrunkings

Electrical ducts minitrunkings

Minichannel 10×10, 18×18, 22×10

Duct cutter

Duct cutter

Victor duct cutter – Reserve cutter blade – Nylon case

Floor supports

Trapezoid support – Cap for support

Cone supports

Cone support – Adjustable cone supportRubber cone support

Rubber floor supports

Rubber floor support

FRAME FOOT™ supports

FRAME FOOT supports

FRAME FOOT support – Module for extension – FRAME FOOT mini support

Air deflectors

Air deflectors

Air deflector


Preset boxes

Preset box PREDISPLIT – Cover for yard – KLIM BOX – CLIMABOXCLIMABOX with siphon – EBOX43 – EBOX53

Unloading condens pipes end accessories

Unloading condens pipes and accessories

Spiralated pipe – Corrugated pipe – “Y” joint – “Y” universal joint – Linear joint – Siphon – “T” joint

Rigid drain condensate pipe and accessories

Rigid drain condensate pipe and accessories

Rigid drain pipe – Pipe holder clips – Connector – 135° corner – 90° corner – “T” derivation – Rigid-flexible connector

O-ring accessories

O-ring accessories for rigid drain pipe

O-Ring connector – O-Ring 135° corner – O-Ring 90° corner – O-Ring “T” derivation – O-Ring reduction – Siphon – Unique connector – Henkel Tangit glue

Metal raiser and collection tray

Metal raiser for floor supportsTray for metal raiser

Condensation trays

Condensation trays

Condensation tray – Condensation tray with resistance



Anti-condensation tape – Alluminium tape

Plastic pipe benders

Plastic pipe benders

Plastic pipe bender

Roof inlet and wall sleeve

Roof inlet 125×125 – Roof inlet 250×125 – Wall sleeve